Welcome to Galaxy Web Tech! As per COVID situation, currently our entire team is working from home. We discourage client to physically meet with our employees in this pandemic, But If you would like to meet face to face with any of our employees, Please ensure that meetings are scheduled through our company official email and kindly keep company email id [email protected] in CC. Please do not make any cash payment to employee for any of our services. All payment needs to happen through our official website or invoice sent from company emails. Thank you!
Meet the Galaxy web Tech team

About Team

Galaxy Web Tech has always focused on providing quality to its customers by implementing the best digital marketing strategy for your business. So is our team, having the best experience, dedication and expertise, our digital marketing team works on a single objective, to lay down the brilliance of the digital world of businesses.

Ever since our inception, our talented bunch of creative enthusiasts have assisted us in delivering the best results for our clients as well as their businesses. After 10 huge years of working day in and out, assisting 5,000+ businesses from 15 different countries, and framing several strategies, Galaxy Web Tech Team has performed exceptionally well in laying down the great part of what the digital era has brought for us.

What is a Digital marketing team?

A digital marketing team is a 'business unit' that is responsible to plan and implement the digital marketing strategies of a company. The strategies that are used for digital marketing work effectively in order to engage the customers and drive revenue to the business. The purpose of these operations is accomplished via the online channels of communication and marketing like the search engine, advertising platforms, social media networks, and emails.

This is an overview of what digital marketing teams in India operate for. They operate toward a common goal; to make a profitable and high-tech business.

Digital Marketing Team: Roles and Responsibilities

  • Finding the target audience
  • Looking for the best platform to target
  • Understanding the brand, and its requirements and strategising the suitable keyword strategy
  • Strategical thinking
  • Analysing the content strategies and marketing pitch
  • Creating the right user journey
  • Helps convert the leads
  • Increases profitability and lead generation via ad campaigns
  • A digital marketing campaign assists in building a unique business identity so that people recognize you by your brand name and your uniqueness.
  • Branding is not an issue at all because a digital marketing team focuses on that as well.
  • The audience is an expansive term to cater to, however, digital marketing helps you shape the audience your business targets.

Key Roles in a Digital Marketing Team

A digital marketing team consists of talented, creative and critical thinkers. Here are the important roles that build a perfectly dedicated digital marketing team.

Team Members