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With the motto to provide our customers with the superior-quality and out-of-the-box client experience, we have inaugurated a considerate cancellation and refund policy.

  • We strategically plan each project and reach the desired results by dividing work into milestones.
  • All the projects are initiated with a comprehensive analysis and developing a scope of work document. This is encouraged to keep both the parties in synchronization and so that both are on the same page, and this averts any sort of dispute and is a transparent way of working, and thus leads to negating the risk to eliminate the potential for project cancellation or reversals.
  • As there are human resources and time utilized to achieve the target, and complete every module, a refund is not a viable option for the task already completed.
  • In the scenario, of a project discontinued on a mutual basis, the client is encharged of all accomplished work and any payment for further development is nullified. Please note, no preceding payment or deposit shall be refunded.